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    Hello Friends I'm John, and l live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm 59 years old and I enjoy playing Video Games. The Games I like are Action and Adventure, some Fighting, Racing & Role Playing. I've been playing Video Games since Pong then the Nintendo 8 Bit Console from the late 90's and on till we get to Playstation 3, And now I have a Playstation 4....LOL

  "PS3 XMB Wallpapers 1 & 2" below are pages of Wallpapers of SoulCalibur Lost Swords Characters that I have made using an online Photoshop Editor, and the site's called www.Lunapic.com. This site is very Playstation 3 friendly. l've been using Lunapic.com for at least 2 to 3 years now, and it's very easy to understand, you can edit photos from your PS3. First copy photo images to your PS3 from any website to your PS3 Photo Folder, then go to Lunapic.com and with a few clicks you can get photo images from your PS3 onto Lunapic.com. Now you can do whatever you want to it, as for me I have done Thousands of Car Images by resizing, touchups, when you're done save your changes and send your images back to your PS3 Photo Folder...

 Click on the Button here to go to my Photo Album of SoulCalibur Wallpapers for the PS3 XMB Screen. Most of them have Characters from various SoulCalibur Games, mostly from Lost Swords, and some that are not in the Game as you'll see...lol. There are 15 Thumbnails per page, they are full screen size. Click on the full screen to view and you can copy them if you like. Some of these took a few minutes to make and some more than a few hours to get it right. l have 2 versions of each Wallpaper, as a JPG ( 200k to 300k) as shown in the Photo Album and as a PNG (1meg and higher) available on requests. Just leave a comment, send an E-Mail to me at bigsword1955@gmail.com or PSN Message me at Bigsword1955. l will also make one for you if you like, name the Character and the Background Stage you like...

To use these Wallpapers on your PS3 set the Image so the Red Frame is just outside of the White XMB Frame, this will center the the Wallpaper for the Icons you use as a PS3 Theme, The PS3 Theme, I use is one from the game called Skyrim with Shields for the Horizontal lcons, after you install the Theme just change the Wallpaper to what you want...8)

This is the PS3 Theme I use...

Image is from ChestTiger Fan...8)

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   "Credits for all Items listed on this Site are due to: AltimaDragon***, Artus***, Yadango***, DaGhostHost**, Pothole**, ASRhound**, Indeterminate_F*, Bigsword1955**, and many other people from the SoulCalibur: Lost Swords Message Board Community..."

"More Pages Will Be Added As More Quests Are Added To The Game"